To Change or Not to Change

This is not just a question for the bride. Many couples choose to hyphenate their names or choose a new one that suits them both.

Here is a list of some agencies that you may need to notify in the event of a name change. Check with the agency to see what they require as legal proof.

Social Security Card
Driver's License
Car Registration and Title
Insurance Policies
Leases or Rental Agreements
Bank Accounts
Stock and Mutual Funds
Retirement Plans
Insurance Policies
Wills and Powers of Attorney
Voter Registration
Post Office Name Change Form
Employee ID
School ID
Sorority or Fraternity Organization
Alumni Association
Library Card
Membership Cards
Employee Records, W2s and Paychecks
Doctors' Records
Utility Companies
Telephone and Cell Phone Companies
Credit Cards
Business Cards
Children's School Records
Security Company (codes and passwords)

Please review our "A Few Things to Keep in Mind" checklist